Status Quo

/stādəs ˈkwō/ definition: the existing state of affairs.

For many organizations today, continuing to operate at status quo is not enough to be extraordinary, or better yet, sustain. Business leaders constantly ask themselves, “Are we growing or dying?" At the core of this question, there is no status quo. To achieve growth, we need to address and remove the underlying roadblocks that stop you from accelerating progress and innovating to reach your goals

At PlanQube, we help organizations to address these business challenges in two powerful ways. Leave status quo behind:

PlanQube PPM   Program Portfolio Management solution to plan and drive meaningful action across the organization

Field Notes   An Artificial Intelligence Bot solution that eliminates the challenge of getting timely quality data to your teams


/akˌseləˈrāSH(ə)n/ definition:  increase of speed or velocity

PlanQube exceeds current market solutions by combining strategy, execution, and evaluation in to a single framework. Leveraging this framework, you’re provided a birds-eye view into your organization’s performance.

With visibility into all areas of business, underlying roadblocks are exposed and progress collectively accelerates across the organization.

Customer Evidence

“We really love PlanQube’s and what they have they done to help us align our goals, our metrics and projects in a simple and effective way to manage our business. PlanQube’s really prepares us to be successful for our future.”
Cynthia Roberts SEIU Health Benefits
PlanQube’s framework has helped us align our strategic roadmap in a way that drives the most impact from the donor dollar. It has helped us to remove the hidden challenges and gets the teams focused on the right goals.”
John Clause Executive Director, World Children's Center
PlanQube helps our people see purpose in their day to day work, without losing sight of the strategic objectives. The metrics and dashboard reports really helps our people to maintain on our mission.”
Vincent Director of Business Performance, Services Employees International Union
“When we invested in maturing our planning process with PlanQube, we didn’t anticipate the positive impact that it would bring to our organization. In order to grow your organization, it helped to take the emotional decision making into a productive and data-driven decision to grow our organization. You need PlanQube to help drive growth!”
Herbert Ong CEO of
“With the simplicity and ease of use, PlanQube will be an effective planning solution for our organization. I’m glad that we made the decision to use PlanQube. It provided us the ability to track our progress easily and allowed to pivot quickly.”
Jonathan Forgacs CEO of PillowDecor
“As a fast growing company, it feels like we were always playing catch-up. PlanQube has helped us to be agile by focusing on what we need to do and deliver the most impact to our customers. We love how it has transformed how we tracked and measure our progress as a team.”
Niven Lee Owner of a Worldwide Franchise Staffing Organization

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