Field Notes


AI that accelerates your business through timely and accurate data collection

Field Notes is an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot that helps organizations to collect data in the field.  It is simple and easy to use because you simply take a picture of your notes or email your data.  There is no app to download or a system to learn.  Field Notes learns the way you work and takes care of the rest.  The AI bot updates your system (PPM, CRM database) through API connectors.  Learn how Field Notes can help you accelerate your business.


Simplify and align your organization to charge your business


Recognize efficiencies, limit business risks and drive better accurate reporting with fully integrated data management.

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Explode your pipeline and drive conversion rates with timely and accurate sales intelligence.

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Real Estate
Capture your prospect information and be able to do target marketing with an AI assistant.  

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Unified Data Management

Align your operations, sales and marketing teams by integrating your CRM and PlanQube's PPM Solution and centralizing all of your data management processes in one fully integrated solution. Turn on additional solutions as needed, and access all of your technology and shared workflows within a single platform.

Data Quality

Improve data quality by removing the barriers to even enter data and standardize the data input.  Increase data input and accuracy, you can ensure that your data remains clean and reliable, so you can focus on improving the productivity of your organization.

Intelligence & Analytics

Optimize your data with actionable intelligence, and advanced reporting and analysis. Deliver an integrated, validated, and enriched view of a business and the insights required to manage what is often a complex, ever-changing landscape, resulting in successful prospect and customer engagement.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce operations and processing costs, and optimize existing resources by allowing them to focus on operations that otherwise waste time manually entering data into your system.

Account-Based Selling

Facilitate account-based selling with leads automatically linked to existing account and routed to the correct account owner, in real-time, to connect with the right person and the right time.

Lead Generation

Automate targeted list building and capture the sales intelligence you need to find, connect, and effectively engage with your target audiences. Fuel your funnel with complete person and company profiles in seconds with accurate prospect data, and seamless, hassle-free technology.

Improve Call Strategy

Reduce time wasted calling on duplicate incorrect data and empower sales with more strategic territory assignment, call plans, and email strategies with clean data normalized and segmented by industry, company size and/or geography.

Social Selling

Connect with decision makers directly and build spheres of influence around target accounts using invaluable sales intelligence including social profiles, direct dials, job titles, and more to better formulate your selling strategy and engage on social platforms.