Arrive at success through Outcomes Based Planning

After interviewing a diverse range of product managers and marketing leaders, we often heard that bringing the right product features and capabilities to market is a daunting challenge. Why is this? The common trend that we’ve heard at PlanQube is that there are overwhelming amounts of information, and never enough time to analyze the data […]

Project Portfolio Management – An Executive Perspective

In today’s business world, a leader can no longer look at individual project siloes or use outdated information and intuitive gut feel to make informed, proactive decisions. A leader is required to have a strategy that accounts for all aspects of your business, accounting for areas under your control, and informed by as much data […]

With the Cloud – Do you still need planning? 

Moving the organization to the cloud is part of most CIO’s IT strategy.  While many look to hybrid or multi-vendor cloud services to address their enterprise requirements, planning and managing the execution of the plan is critical in moving to cloud and what follows thereafter.  The key is to: Understand the drivers Align for success […]

When the rubber hits the road – Strategy vs Execution

As a leader of a team or an organization, there are always too many competing priorities demanding our time and attention to effectively manage and figure out what we should be focusing on. This article is about getting back to basics – the building blocks that helped you to get where you are today. Have […]

Woes of Planning…

How do you plan for your budgets and the resources? Really, it’s about capacity planning – figuring out the amount of resources you need and the associated costs. Based on interviews with dozens of organizations, we hear that many people plan their budgets in one of the following ways: using a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) […]

Hello World!

Welcome to PlanQube. This is a forum for an exchange of ideas and discussions. We will share our learnings about planning, executing, and measuring to optimize your key projects and programs through this blog. This series of discussions is sponsored by PlanQube, whose mission is to help organizations rethink the way they plan and be […]