Meet Janet, the development officer that is wearing multiple hats, and has little time. She is responsible for uncovering ways to drive more contributions and maximize on every dollar donated to the organization.  Because Janet is leading the charge in the community, she must have the ability to clearly and effectively show an evidence based story and demonstrate the impact of her organizations efforts, and the donor dollar.  With PlanQube, we streamline the planning process for your organization and through this, we can help you show an evidence based story in a way that moves people from curiosity to advocacy.

Drive Alignment

Define key objectives and deliverables to help everyone align to the shared mission

Tell Your Evidence Based Story

You can now provide donors with a roadmap of how their contribution will impact programs and the mission itself.

Program impact

With focus on targets and impact, your teams spend more time on driving the mission.

Accelerate Delivery

Share plans, collaborate on them, and make adjustments based on what will have the greatest impact. Through a streamlined planning framework, you can now deliver results faster than ever.

Program management

Measure the results of each program and identify where you can and will have the greatest impact to the community.