PlanQube Program Portfolio Management Solution

PlanQube is a different type of Program Portfolio Planning solution that helps organizations align their business investments to goals and show a clear picture of how these investments are impacting the business. It is an easy and relevant app that not only helps save time and costs from the current planning process through simplification, but it also provides better insights on how to manage initiatives. Designed by planning experts, we provide a simple and effective solution that will help you plan and operate with efficiency and accuracy.

Plan & Budget

Help your executives understand your need for headcount and budget
  • When executives can understand the business impact of what you are trying to do, you can get more done 
  • With continuous shifts in the business environment, you can easily model out 'What If?" scenarios so you can make informed decisions that optimizes business results

Results Driven

You cannot manage what you cannot measure
  • In a fast moving environment, show how your programs and campaigns are performing against your plan to help you quickly adjust and respond
  • Track and measure results in a way that shows the relationship to your end goals

Alignment & Visibility

Lack of alignment across the organization produces the wrong results
  • Align teams across the organization with a cascade plan that clearly lays out meaningful goals and targets for everyone to achieve 
  • Help your teams to understand how their daily activities contribute to reaching organizational goals

Save Time & Effort

Updating spreadsheets and presentation decks is valuable time wasted
  • With an automated planning process that tracks and measures progress, you have more time to understand the results and drive more business value  
  • One source of information that gives you a holistic view of your different business channels and how they impact your organization


PlanQube was created to simplify the planning process. We exceed current market solutions that are overly complex and have fallen short of expectations. We have architected a solution from the ground up that is focused on rich visualizations, easy setup and simple maintenance.

Align Goals/Objectives

  Align your strategy and targets

Make your strategy meaningful. Define your organization’s goals and the targets for your team. Using our Cascade Plan, you can effectively define the success criteria for each team and objective. Help your team visualize the strategy and understand their part in achieving these important goals.

Customizable Dashboards


Drive alignment and understanding across the organization with a single source of truth for strategy, planning and execution. Leverage PlanQube's customizable dashboards to align your key stakeholders through their perspectives.  Instead of spending time and effort in maintaining your spreadsheets and presentation decks, use the time to communicate the results with your stakeholders.

Measure the results


How long does it take for you to know whether the results of your investments are measuring up to expectations? PlanQube’s unique Outcomes View helps you to not only see the portfolio view, but the individual results as well, giving you the ability to manage results and see what projects are helping to influence outcomes. If projects aren’t performing to plan, adjust and refine rather than repeating the same mistakes.

Collaboration workflow


Manage the planning process using our integrated workflow. Save time by getting everyone on the same page quickly and easily with workflow approvals. It’s as easy as drag and drop.

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